MEDMAR Odzież dla Ratownictwa Medycznego

Clothing for Emergency Medical Services

Safety clothing


We sew clothing for emergency medical services of very strong fabric in red fluorescent colour with high visibility according to standard EN471. For Your safety and convience, we use only original reflective tape 3M.

We sew custom-made clothing for emergency medical services. To order just send your dimensions or use size chart on our website. All patterns and models adapts to individual customer needs.

Our products are compatible with „ Minister of Health regulation 18 october 2010r. on methods for the determination of the Emergency Medical System and requirements for uniforms medical rescue team members”

kurtka dla ratownika medycznego

Jacket women-cut 021

kamizelka dla ratownika medycznego

Tactical Vest 028S

spodnie dla ratownika medycznego

Pants 022 women


Pants 022


Jacket 021


Sweatshirt Light 031


Vest 026P

kurtka i spodnie dla ratownika medycznego

Jacket 023 + Trousers 022


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ul.Kilińskiego 74, 22-400 Zamość

Tel.: +48 518 425 074
w godz. 7:30 - 15:30

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